Major dates in the history of the Bulgarian railways

2002 г.

On 1 January 2002, the new Railway Transport Act enters into force, passed by the National Assembly of the Republic of Bulgaria, according to which the National Company Bulgarian State Railways is split into two separate enterprises a railway carrier (Bulgarian State Railways EAD) and an infrastructure enterprise (Railway Infrastructure National Company)

1978 г.

Operations start on the Varna Ilicovsk ferry line

1964 г.

The first doubled track, Sindel Varna, is completed

1963 г.

Diesel traction is introduced for train traffic;the first electrified line, Sofia Plovdiv, enters into operation

1952 г.

The sub-Balkan railway line is opened

1950 г.

The Day of the Railwayman is officially declared the first Sunday of August

1922 г.

A State Railway School is established

1912 г.

An independent Ministry of Railways, Post Offices and Telegraphs is established

1888 г.

Stefan Stambolovs government expropriates the Vakarel Belovo railway line (built and previously operated by Vitalis) and starts operating it.On 1 August, the whole of the Caribrod Sofia Belovo railway line is opened for international traffic.The state buys off the Ruse Varna railway line and startes operating it on 10 AugustThe Bulgarian State Railways are established, based on the Caribrod Sofia Belovo and Ruse Varna railway lines.

1885 г.

The National Assembly passes the Railway Act, according to which railways in Bulgaria are state property and are operated by the state

1873 г.

Official opening of the Constantinople Belovo railway lineThe National Liberation movement and railway revolutionaries: Todor Kableskov station master at Belovo railway station, Zahari Stojanov shunter at Tarnovo Sejmen (todays Simeonovgrad) railway station, Ilarion Dragostinov a telegraph operator at Ruse railway station, Georgi Ikonomov a shunter at the railway stations in Ruse, Tarnovo Sejmen and Edirne, etc.

1870 г.

Baron Hirsch starts the construction of the Constantinople Belovo railway line

1866 г.

Official opening of the Ruse Varna railway line

1864 г.

The first sod is turned for making the Ruse Varna railway line. The Turkish government had commissioned for it an English company managed by William Gladstone, a politician, and the Barkley brothers, civil engineers
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